Your literary skills and assumptions are nothing more than mental masturbation.

Oh – well . . . Did try.

On that note from an esteemed professor of economics – I shall take my curtain call.

Let history be the judge.

I did open my eyes – I did see the world for 4 years – amazed at what I saw and I agree wholeheartedly with Carlin.


And it is goodbye to them and goodbye from me.

Edit: Okay – hit in the nuts with all letters threatening legal action and slander – not withdrawing any comments, no apologies and will not redress the situation on any person named on the blog.

The situation is simple – I am either right or I am wrong on – my assumptions based on my knowledge and understanding of the economy – if these people have a greater understanding of the global economy than what I have then post a reply on site and allow a balanced argument.

Hiding behind legal letters and threats does not and will not stop what has been written. It is history – if I am wrong a formal apology will be forthcoming on this blog.


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