Why is this happening?


Global recession / global depression.

Sovereign debt collapse – starting in Europe and spreading around the world due to central bankers trying to kick the debt-can down the road.

Read “Depression is Coming” on this blog.

Debt is the disease and there is nothing left in any central bank arsenal to fight exogenous economic impacts.


2 thoughts on “Why is this happening?

  1. Well said, old chap.

    you could have added “ignorance” and a failed profession of economists who function a ruling cult,; a clusterfuck of masturbationary wet-dreams, where economic theory is nothing but Banker directed expediency for the bankers at the cost of everybody, and I mean everybody,

    But, that’s just me.



    1. Ahh the simple life.

      Ignorance – what wet dreams are made of.

      And I agree – ask bankers to provide statistics on NPL (Non Performing Loans) and they shudder in fear and reclassify them into grades – disclose only the highest.


      The truth hurts – but provision for bad and doubtful debts MUST be in an acceptable range for shareholders.

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