This is history – scary shit.

Yes well after saying that – is this not exciting stuff?

Not one day goes past – without a number of seemingly random events – happening globally.

Being aware of what is happening around the world – being part of history unfolding before our very eyes.

One never knows what is happening next – but the horizon does not look rosy – the slow train wreck reaching its destination.

Countdown has begun – and I still see that people do not have their house in order.

Amazed – but expected – human nature.

I posted a YouTube link on this blog – “it is the end of the world as we know it” – I listen to the lyrics every now and then.

Trying to adjust my mind – what to expect – this time it is different – this time I am here – this time it will affect me and my family and my friends.

Try not to think about what happens afterwards though – after the sovereign collapse – what we do – what the PISS heads do – what is next – or better still left for the next generation.

Our generation – our legacy – shit it is depressing.

See – things will change quite drastically – these events are leading to a sovereign debt collapse – think about that for a minute please – what happens when the Government is bankrupt and cannot guarantee the Banks?

Expect any money from an ATM?

We have had a case study in recent history – Iceland. Russia then came in to lend Iceland the monies – so that the Government could function and Banks could operate.

Then a ‘hint’ of capital controls through Greece’s cashtration.

When this affects countries – Who is going to lend monies to all the indebted countries around the world?

It is not just one country this time around – this will be a sovereign debt contagion that will affect every country – every bank – every insurance company – every pension fund.

What contingencies does the Government’s have in place?

Then again – the economists that work for the government’s do not have a clue – neither do the politicians – and this time around their is no rule book.

This time history is repeating – but with different characters and countries with no control.


2 thoughts on “This is history – scary shit.

  1. Aye, it is called a Dark Age and if we are lucky, it will last only 8 years.

    But expect bad shit. Totalitarianism as it is happening in the USA already.

    Oh well, we need to learn this lesson.


    1. Yes – last Dark Ages took a long time to recover from.

      The Totalitarian Economy – a modern serfdom – dictated to by our own oppressors – politicians who think that they are the chosen ones – even Obama has a high opinion of himself – yet voted worst President ever.

      Amazes me that we don’t have the good guys and the bad guys amongst the oligarchs and politicians.

      But sadly no – all intent on destroying and making money – so they can spend it on their legacy – two faced and only use and abuse – fuck the people.

      As U.S. Soldiers (under MacArthur) shot veterans during the riots in the Great Depression – it is upon us again – no one learned nothing – history suppressed and rewritten for the winners….

      Watched Mad Max 3 yesterday – never know – it could be anarchists in control.

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