USD Bull – setting the standard

United States Dollar 1967-2015

DXY only goes back to 1967

This is the US Dollar Index, which tracks a basket of currencies, was valued at 97.24 points on Friday July 24, according to the New York Board of Trade.

The United States Dollar averaged 97.31 from 1967 until 2015, reaching an all time high of 164.72 in February of 1985 and a record low of 71.32 in April of 2008.


I know where it is going to go – it is just a matter of time.


No – not joking – actually may well surpass the 1985 February high – regretfully cannot chart the USD to the 1928 – 1932 period through to the present day accurately- for one the basket of currencies would be different – plus currencies prior to this were pegged to either other currencies or to gold.

Guess where the AUD will end up . . .


No not kidding – problem with a sovereign debt collapse – when central banks have no tools left in their arsenal.

They can print money – thereby devaluing the AUD and then repay debts and start again – but the politicians and bureaucrats would fuck up again – you see – the problem is the politicians and the bureaucrats.


2 thoughts on “USD Bull – setting the standard

  1. “*the problem is the politicians and the bureaucrats.”* *I agree with the US$ Bull (which will be totally destructive as a result)* *But the politicians and the bureaucrats do what they are told – by the Bankers and the economists – all this on behalf of the Bankers.* *But the real problem is the desire and creation of, the zero-risk milieux.* *Zero-risk devolves, contorts and distorts humanity and as economics is the expression of human behaviour, wealth creation is destroyed through the destruction of the evolution of knowledge; tacit knowledge; real knowledge; complicit knowledge in favour of the Status Quo through dead Dogma and the Political Correct.* *Evolution is a daily affair, a process, a dynamic and fundamentally complicity structure which interacts from the sub-infinite to the infinite levels throughout the Universe. Stop this, then you devolve and it all fucks up.*

    *And this is what they have done as well as feeding the bitch while those that can, have looted the rest.* *I did a presentation on this years ago – one day maybe, you will see it – too big to send.* *p*


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