Australian immigration – God forbid if you are Russian

This is a bloody disgrace – wake up Australia

Australia delaying visas to Russian Roscosmos team heading to UN satnav conference.

Please note Australia, that the sanctions imposed by Western nations were never approved by the United Nations – under international law they are illegal.

A simple fact is that Countries that host UN events cannot prohibit entrance to delegations of any UN country, whatever sanctions against that country they implement (legal or illegal sanctions applied by the host country).

Amazes me why bloody Australia was granted permission to host this UN event.

In future the UN should not allow Australia to host any such events, and this principle should be extended to international events in general, because if a country hosts an international event it cannot utilize the event for its own political purposes.

Australia should be strongly condemned by the UN, and Canada (as they too have succumbed to stupidity) by the international astronautical organisation parenting the 65th International Astronautical Congress.

Where is the logic from Australia when the U.S. needs Russia in space more than the bloody Aussies or Canadians do. Oops forgot – Parkes – my humble apologies.

Without Russian engines the International Space Station would have been mothballed ages ago.

Raises my ire over the fact that my wife is Russian when traveling to Australia – applied for visa within time limit – issued a few hours before the plane was to depart.

Fortunately expended monies to travel to the airport and allowed her to be embarrassed over the fact that at that time, it had not been issued. I persisted and finally approved – I think it amazed the immigration section that we had taken the time to travel to the airport.

Then to rub salt into the wounds – on arrival at Tullamarine airport – she was asked whether she worked for an embassy and/or the military – these details were on the application. Sounds familiar to the current problems with these Roscosmos.

No need for this carry on by any Government- why penalise Russians for the Putin kleptocracy- just makes no sense.

Politicians should stop trying to please the undemocratic republic of the USA and concentrate on external affairs that matter to Australia and its neighbors – then again the last Prime Minister just feathered her own nest, with millions of taxpayers dollars so that she ‘could’ be important after she left politics…one wonders.

And no – the MH17 report is not out and I am sure that when it is released there will be more questions than answers – then again the neo nazi regime in Ukraine is supported by Australian government – so is spying on neighboring countries – digging my own grave here . . .but don’t care – go (________ < insert your own noun / verb here) yourselves.


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