Arse ‘n Dick – Arsendik – Arsenic

Yes Arse – my favorite Willy Wonker disciple – the U.S. appointed (neo-nazi) Prime Minister – Arseniy Yatsenyuk of Ukraine.

Unknown hackers leaked a letter addressed to Ukrainian Prime Minister from US Senator Richard Durbin, assuring support and instructing him which key officials should and shouldn’t remain in office.

The letter was published on Facebook page of Leonid Kozhara, Ukraine’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs. Kozhara copied the letter from the website, which in turn got it from the website of hacker group The source said that the original file was allegedly received by the hacker group Anonymous.

The leaked document shows Washington’s clear interference into the domestic issues of Ukraine. US Senators literally stand behind every decision that the Ukrainian Prime Minister makes. Washington doesn’t merely advise Yatsenyuk, it makes decisions for him. The Prime Minister’s job seems to be quite easy — to simply do as he’s told.

Read more:

Yes Senator Durbin a neo conservative seeking escalation of the civil war in Ukraine.

One big Dick supporting one small Arse.

Durbin supports land mines in neighboring countries

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