Greece is important – to Me

Me thinks the yes vote will win.


Intergenerational gaps – a large portion of Greece employed within the bureaucracy and large pensioner base.

Protect the Euro receipts they receive.

Simple all comes down to money and f@ck the younger generation.

A yes vote will also bring the much needed calm for the Euro – they will have to print more money – yes to cover all capital controls – cover short term interest payments to the IMF – see the end of the Troika nemeses, Yanis (yes he said he would resign) and force Greece to change the domestic tax situation.

Internationally we can start worrying about other important debt issues – I need a calm before storm come late September.

Yes, still trying to work out the catalyst for the start of a USD 72 trillion collapse in the bond market.

The Great Depression was actually kickstarted by a natural event – an earthquake in San Francisco, which required European insurance companies to pay a vast amount of capital in USD to the city to cover costs of rebuilding – see it is the capital flows that dictate – follow da’ money.

I have written previously that Greece has been bankrupt for 30 years with successive governments ignoring the obvious restructuring that should have taken place.

Guardian has an article if you are interested.

How Greece plunged into economic crisis

Athens was poorly prepared for the 2008 crash – living off easy credit, while spending on wages and defence soared, and taxes began to fall away


2 thoughts on “Greece is important – to Me

  1. Either way there will be consequences and that which will be, will be, But life doesn’t stop here – consequences like Karma running over Dogma.

    To me, there are natural forces running here and it is most interesting.



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