I am racist – President Obama told me so

Yes I am, I am white

His remarks about racism being in the genes of white Americans is proof par excellence.

White – me

Who would doubt the President of the United States?


Mr President,

Just so you know, I’m NOT “white”. In fact I an pink, currently tan and have been known to bright pink, red and have a few black spots.

“White”, as it’s usually used, refers to Anglo-Saxon Protestant. For example, considering Spaniards “white” is foolish.

I also find it funny how people tend to mistake “white” and Caucasian.

Caucasian refers to the region being from the Caucasus mountains, where the peoples in the region are usually Turkic/Slavish, not “white”.

Aryan doesn’t actually refer to blond hair, blue-eye people of a certain race. The Aryan races are a set of races supposedly to include Persians, Germans, Indians, and other Indo-European peoples. Actually, the word Aryan itself is Sanskrit for noble. There’s many other misnomers involving skin color or “race”.

Just so you know, color of skin has nothing to do with race. Color of skin has more to do with climate and exposure to sunlight than it does to do with race.

Pity that intelligent ‘people of color’ did not see the racist person, that presides at the White House and actually inflames bigotry and racial tension.

The fact of the matter is that racial tension is overblown bullshit from the media. The real issue is not race, is not black or white.

The issue is class!

The problem is that politicians (including you Mr Obama) have created a permanent underclass in society unable to get out.

In terms of the issues of class, Asians (more Asians immigrate to the US, UK, Australia) than do ‘blacks’ and Asians are basically in line with “whites”.

In terms of the way you view race, this is just as primitive as the people (Mr Obama) that you so quickly accuse.

If whites have your attitude Mr Obama, we’ll just run everything into the ground.

And special thanks to Suvvy


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