Politically incorrect comments made here

Socialism is dead. As with communism, socialism will suffer the same fate.

The socialists, unionists and left of centre had no time for:-

* Hayek – in his book ‘The road to Serfdom’ or

* Winston Churchill – “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy” or

* Margaret Thatcher – “The problem with socialism is that you run out of other people’s money” or

* Christian beliefs – “Thou shall not covert thy neighbor’s goods”

Yes simple, those people who support socialism (and Marxism in taxation) even break the Christian code, yes Governments go after your income, then assets to liquidate and support the bureaucracy.

I was even dismayed when I saw headlines that read ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’ as regards Margaret Thatcher.

A woman of her time, who did what she could, to save England from its own demise.

History can be callous and harsh when written by socialists and left wing journalists.

Then again it is ‘politics’ isn’t it, supported by those that profit from socialism – principally politicians – every capitalist country transgresses through to socialism – garnishing voters support – and in so doing ignoring the obvious.

Currently the problem with not only ‘socialism’ but all economies, is that global growth is declining, a recession climate is already gripping these economies and with deflation a subsequent increase on governments costs.

But socialist countries have a social net, utilizing Marxist taxation theories to cover these costs.

What we have coming with the global debt contagion, this will kill socialism – simply due to the support of each of these countries social net and inability of taxation revenues to cover these costs and rising interest rates against deflating currency values. All countries have consumed too much of other people’s money.

Simple explanation isn’t it!

Yes, R.I.P. socialism. Nothing can change history, as with communism, so goes socialism.

This is everywhere and no more pronounced than in UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and America. Yes America lost the capitalist tag, too many ‘do gooders’ seeking re-election promising taxpayers monies to cover the publics debts, free health care (bullshit just raise taxes) and pension obligations.

A greater portion of the available budget is consumed through social security and social services. The aged, sick, unemployed – all costs to increase with the effects of a recession, together with rising interest rates.

The low interest rate environment has meant that pension funds, insurance companies and retirees will suffer when the interest rates increase. Do you think these areas are unproblematic – borrowing to meet commitments, as revenues are near zero or negative without risk?

Compounding this problem now in Europe is immigration.

One must thank US policies in this regard, for compounding a disastrous financial situation in 2008 – by not allowing a full debt reset to take centre stage – instead rewarding and bailing out bankers – and then through their own policies in regard to the Middle East (religious) wars – after this US meddling, to have the dictatorial regimes collapse, then illegal sanctions on Russia, support for the tyranny spread by the House of Saud and never to forget – Israel.

The effect is a huge Muslim refugee influx into Europe, which will bring civil unrest and strain on all countries’ social security systems.

This is after the UK; already suffering from an influx of new Euro workers taking advantage of the social net; the country now has to work out acceptance of more refugees under the Eurozone policy, much to the angst of Cameron.

Plus fear not, as I am politically incorrect, the most popular name in England in 2014 was Mohamed.


Ask the Buddhists in Myanmar (ex Burma) as to why legislation effected for birth control…. demographics – demographics – maybe the fear that the Muslim population is growing to fast.

So to these refugees escaping to socialist countries, who can blame them?

Just experience a strong generational growth in births and the health system traumatized and the social security system buggered beyond repair. Yes easier to have a large number of children registered, plus dole and free health and medicines.

See Myanmar not alone. Only thing was that a Buddhist decided to instigate the introduction of legislation, which in effect highlights one thing to me – if it is illegal for Catholics to wear a condom, then why is the Pope breaching reduction of births in the Philippines.

Remiss of me not to mention the mere fact that that my comments are politically and religiously incorrect. Shit happens, everyone most probably thinks it.

America can be classed as the lucky country, in that they avoided the affect of the economic sanctions on Russia and Obama does not have to worry about the refugee crisis. In fact Obama is seeking to have millions of Mexican immigrants, who need work, to be US citizens. That is a further 34 million democrat voters.

That on top of the mere fact that the country holds the reserve currency status, in so doing the currency has ‘dark matter’ attached, security and a guarantee of payment.

The cities and local State debts and pension funds are imploding now, all thanks to stupid inane zero interest rates and guaranteed pensions for State workers.

Cities are going bankrupt, but the Fed Reserve can still print USD, whereas States cannot, the States inept practices are taxing the landowners, plus depression is coming, after 2017.

Socialists countries implemented quantitative easing and increased debt load, on the basis of bastardized Keynesian policy. Yes the politicians had a field day and slapping themselves on the back, by spending more and then trying to increase taxes at the same time…no reduction in the bureaucracy though. Manifestly unpalatable and far easier to just spring austerity on the masses.

A huge contrast in economic fortunes, but the leaders of all countries do get what they deserve, whilst the working class get peanuts and austerity. No bankers jailed after the 2008 fiasco and more corrupted politicians, against the backdrop of more debt, looser lending regulations, at stupid interest rates.

Whether some would state that I am politically naive, economically all countries have enough problems now, without compounding these problems further with debt, austerity and the refugee influx.

Civil unrest will follow. For those countries in recession (nearly all) worse will follow when sovereign AAA bonds will implode and governments are bankrupt. Nationalistic fervor will gain momentum within the masses.

So when one looks at these leaders, of these European countries and other western countries – yes, numb nuts is a good term to use, you would think these self serving idiots understood history – no they don’t and neither do their advisors.

Socialism does not work, when you run out of other people’s money.

Then again I am again being politically incorrect, but quite frankly I do not give a fuck, as these numb nuts have brought the world to a global contagion of immense proportions.

When one looks at socialism and the ‘social net’ structure for the population, the greater portion of taxation supports this social net. Good or bad the burden is always on the taxpayer. Austerity, as a measure to reform government largesse does not work, simply put it creates deflation, civil unrest and fucks the younger generation.

Okay said enough…. Governments have raped earners wages over the centuries and promised money is safe and they will receive pensions, problem is as usual due to demographics they increase retirement age and decrease allowances, whilst politicians demand more and more.

And it is officially a recession before a depression, starts in Sept 2015 and then blows through till 2017….that is when shit hits the fan, through politicians trying to feather their own nests and divert attention from the reality.

Just history, all recorded history – and no one exempt.


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