That ripple in UK, the wave, await the tsunami

This is an update from my post on 10 the May 2015


Image credit-Justin Tallis AFP

#EndAusterityNow: Tens of thousands march against austerity measures in London

Yes some say 25,000 people …when will Cameron wake up?

Austerity does not work, the mindset is in the demographics, whereas Generation X quite happy to rely on their assets…homes…investments …it is the younger generation that are being fucked up….

Congratulations to politicians who know sweet fuck all on economics and history.

As the march took place, Mr Cameron vowed “not to waste a second in delivering our manifesto commitments” on his Facebook page.

“We will keep working through our plan to create more security and opportunity in our country – and, with your help, we can secure a brighter future for everyone in Britain,” he wrote.

Self serving vacuous twat….

This will not end well……


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