Double standards, political interference and idiots

You want the truth?

You really want the truth?

The question is whether you can handle the truth?

Okay, you know not my lines, but after researching this whole affair I wonder whether anyone would really believe the bullshit and hypocrisy of the political elite and the leaders in US, France, Brussels and definitely the Courts on the whole on the Yukos / Khordorkovsky affair.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky was the CEO of Yukos, Russia’s largest oil company.

Khordorkovsky was arrested and charged with tax fraud and the company Yukos was liquidated, with Russian companies buying these assets at cheap prices.

Barron Jacob Rothschild had the Khordorkovsky shareholding transferred through to him…most probably due to the original agreement between the parties (funder requesting assignment of share rights) and commenced legal proceedings in the Arbitration Court of The Hague for asset value and damages.

The arbitration court in the Hague awarded damages from Russia of €160 billion. This initially took ten years, but Russia appealed and challenged the ruling and the Court dismissed evidence submitted by Russia.

Now why is this important, well something strange has happened in that Brussels and France have now started to seize Russian assets to cover the €160 billion owing.


Politically a hot potato, as Moscow will take reciprocal action in response to the seizure of its foreign assets, as warned by the Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Now what I am aware of is that the judgment, technically can have no real consequences.

First the Russian state will never pay and then the Russian Duma (parliament) never ratified the treaty under which this judgment has been made.

It is not a legally binding judgment.

To get settlement from the Russian state is impossible.

So why did Brussels and France seize these assets in this case?

The Russian foreign minister stared that his priority in this situation now, is to unfreeze the accounts of the Russian Embassy in Belgium.

The freezing of diplomats’ accounts “absolutely goes against the Vienna accords on foreign relations that guarantee the immunity of diplomatic assets, real estate and corresponding things. Belgian foreign ministry officials are indicating to us that they were not aware of it,” Lavrov said. “We don’t accept these explanations.”

Like which limp dick states, as the Belgian foreign ministry officials have, “that they were not aware of the Vienna accord”… .?

So tit for tat.

Yes well, the Hague court decision stinks of political interference by the US and Europe.

It has to be – no other decision has prompted countries to seize assets.

If one looks at Israel, they stole the assets and all future operating profits of the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline in 1979 from Iran after Iran’s revolution.

Swiss courts in 2015 (in a speedy speedy legal process haha) awarded Iran $1.1 billion in compensation for the stolen pipeline. This was actually last month, mind you a thirty year old theft but which bloody countries are seizing Israel’s assets?

Israel refuses to comply with Swiss judgement to pay Iran $1bln

Ruling follows long-standing legal battle linked to a joint venture, that occurred before the Islamic Revolution, Israel’s Finance ministry is refusing to comply with a Swiss ruling ordering the Jewish state to pay Iran $1.1 billion in compensation, a statement released Wednesday said. “Under the laws of trade we cannot transfer funds to an enemy country,” the statement read.

Okay, Israel stole the assets, no defense nor dispute by Israel just a simple statement that Iran is an enemy country.

No wonder Israel does not like Iran.

So the principal question is, how can Israeli ignore their liability for a $1.1 billion dollar theft while Russians have their assets confiscated to pay for fraud committed to the State, by an Oligarch.

I must be missing something somewhere, this stinks of political interference by the US and Europe and is separating Russia from ever undertaking any future trade with Europe. The Russia/Chinese/India and associated countries relationship just got a whole lot stronger.

Russia’s reactions to the initial illegal sanctions imposed by the US and Europe over Ukraine, has cost all Europeans a lot of money, Germany in particular. All countries within the Eurozone are in a recession brought about by the lost trade.

US on the other hand is not affected economically, amazing that the leaders in the Euro zone are so blatantly stupid, now none more so, than those leaders in Brussels and France.

How in hell does the media not react to this shit?

Better still why do the citizens of these countries acquiesce politely to the politicians fuck ups?

Me thinks that the American chlorinated gene pool, must have been dropped in Europe.

Anyway continuing on our precious Oligarph Michail Khordorkovsky ….

If you want the political sanitized version read, don’t read anymore, as truth is stranger than fiction.

Once you have read the sanitized version, be aware that in 1998, Khodorkovsky had been let free in a US legal case, where he was charged with helping launder $10 billion with his own bank and the Bank of New York. Yes channelling funds illegally from Russia through to the US.

And please note … that I really detest the practices of one Edmund Safra, the head of Republic National Bank of New York…a real parasite on society, up there with his then good friend Soros, but that is my opinion and another story for another day.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s had and still has very influential friends in the US it appeared, not only Safra and Soros, Obuma, Hillary Clinton…. all the ‘elite’.

Well who wouldn’t …he was one of the new Oligarchs from Russia, stealing State assets (with the funding from Rothschild) for a pittance of there real worth in the Yeltsin ‘bandit’ era.

Then one of the wealthiest men in Russia.

What I do know for certain is that this smart arsed opportunist, Khodorkovsky stole Yukoil from the Russian people – it was his personal possession. The Russian people exist to serve oligarchs like him, not the other way around.

In my opinion, the likes of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s and the rest of the criminal Russian oligarchs only purpose on earth today is to punish 145 million Russians for having the audacity to take away the oligarch’s spoils.

If that means using Israel and the U.S. (and apparently France and Belgium) to do the heavy lifting for them, then all the better.

Take a oligarch’s assets they legitimately stole from you, and you will pay the price.

They never forgive and they never forget. They funnel / wash monies throughout the world and stash same, so that no one can touch them or their ill gotten gains.

Okay, enough slamming wankers….proof is in the mere fact that that a lawyer, Lee Wolosky, who was the director of the ‘Office of Transnational Threats on the U.S. National Security Council’ stated after leaving office in 2001, that he had rated as a considerably greater threat to U.S. security than Viktor Bout (International Arms Dealer) one Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the former majority owner and CEO of Yukos, Russia’s largest oil company.

Khordorkovsky, who had become an international cause célèbre as a supposed Russian “prisoner of conscience,” was sentenced on December 30, 2001 to 14 years in jail on fraud charges.

The verdict then was met with widespread international condemnation for selective justice, he was sentenced in Russia, for offenses that Lee Wolosky had publicly accused him of over ten years previously.

When the verdict was handed down the condemnation from the likes of President Obama and ex US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was extreme … all over this matter that Lee Wolosky publicly accused Khordorkovsky over….

Yes, these two charged Russia, in particular Putin with no ‘rule of law’ and blatant asset stripping of Yukos. Western media were only too happy to hop on the bandwagon and portray Putin as the bad guy.

Like WTF, did not Lee Wolosky public accuse this Oligarph of exactly what he was tried for in Russia?

Where is the investigative journalists, to at least research and stick it up both Obama and Hillary Clinton on their bad judgement choice in this matter?

Oops forgot, no such thing anymore, unless of course there is a higher purpose and Obama and H Clinton had a more sinister / covert fact to hide….

There are theories such as Yukos was being attacked because it was going to sell a strategic stake to a multinational…yes apparently Condalisa Rice was involved as well as other major American oil companies and BP.

Maybe that Putin was simply cracking down on a corrupt oligarch, or the ‘siloviki’ (military security establishment) simply wanted to steal other stolen goods.

Then we have that Khodorkovsky was being punished for funding SPS (the pro-Western free-market political party) similar to George Soros non government organizations. (**)

Do not discount latter theory entirely, as this one fits into the very essence of US ‘neo conservative policy of the current era, designed by Wolfowitz, plus runs parallel to the actions of Soros, the rape and pillaging of corrupted and failed countries, is that Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s real crime, was that he was a key part of a Western intelligence operation to dismantle and destroy what remains of Russia, as a functioning state. (**)

That in itself makes sense to me anyway, as Putin is no fool and certainly fully aware of the US covert practices. And as he has stated that he was fully aware of the CIA’s involvement in Georgia and Ukraine.

The 1998 Russian rouble collapse and the subsequent Khordorkovsky funneling / money laundering in the US occurred around this time.

The actions by Putin / Russia would no doubt have pissed Obama and H Clinton right off, if this was the case. Their heir apparent to destroy Russia internally uncloaked and stripped of his assets, thus becoming neutered of power.

Majority of this latter information (**) sourced from F. William Engdahl, a US-German author and analyst of geopolitical and economic issues.

His newest book is Myths, Lies and Oil Wars.

Earlier works include A Century of War : Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order (2011, republished in a new edition) and Gods of Money: Wall Street and the Death of the American Century (2010).

Yes good reading, highly recommended.

Okay all conjecture and wild theories, but what one must bear in mind is The Hague court decision.

Me thinks that is more relevant to a basic increase in aggression by both the US and Europe with Russia. Just watch NATO now and the increased saber rattling plus an increase in conflict in Ukraine to fuck the Minsk Accord.


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