Just a quickie…need one every now and then.

I have been a tad lazy in not supplying other items for the blog. Just that everything playing out according to the script.


Long term bonds have no liquidity and the result is that even the IMF (International Monetary Fund) ….the oh so socialist, left of even left has decreed that Central Banks should now become the financial makers of last resort…like WTF? This organization is about as corrupt as the mafia and their pithy comments, show no economic or even common sense….but then again, let Central Banks get involved in bailing the rich out…mind you, for the Oligarphs benefits, definitely not Joe Sixpack.

Like Ashley Adler said at the penultimate paragraph of the Reuters report “If you react to that by piling more intervention on intervention, you encourage more untoward risk taking and you end up with even greater amount of mispriced risk. You end up with a never-ending cycle that is harder and harder to get out of.”

“We simply don’t have the right amount of data to understand what we are dealing with in today’s markets.”

Common sense at last but bear in mind his comments …. no one knows what the fuck is going on… that is because there is nothing in the world to stop the train wreck coming. Everything is unfolding very nicely for a nice sovereign and bond collapse.



Well nothing new here, just usual bubbles being created by all the Central Banks monetary policy. You see we are in a currency war, when all governments mucks about with interest rates, this technically deflates the currency. Smart investors who require ‘value’ seek sanctuary in stocks….pity that they blow bubbles in the process.

Nothing can be done to stop the bubble process, no more evident in the Chinese and US markets…and if you are unaware of the obvious then a chart..


Yes kiss kiss hug hug, to Bloomberg….

Interest Rates

And note Yellen (US Fed Reserve) will increase interest rates…this is a certainty, not if, it is when….the Fed Reserve will think about domestic markets before International markets. Then and only then can the Central Banks stop intervening in their currencies (as the USD will pop and pop and pop and everyone will be rooted)….


The canary chirping, but investors not taking any notice. Ex President’s Club ..Carlyle still buying oil ETF’s propping up the market, they expecting froth (war).

Biggest oil glut ever….



Well what can I say….”Days of our Lives”

There is a solution, but it is ugly. IMF Lagrande in her normal pompous pussy attitude, does not want to speak to the ‘children’….well atypical pithy comments from the hypocrite that is prepared to lend the bankrupt Ukraine monies, but not the bankrupt Greece. Thank heavens sanity rules with Russia….

But give the political powers at the EU and ECB their dues, they need Greece to stay so they will settle this matter eventually, and yes Mike it will be a long drawn out process but sure I will win the get.

Even Merkel still thinks there is a deal, she knows full well that Germans also needs Greece to remain….otherwise her Banks are bankrupted.


Oh, yes and Bondholders in the most defaulted country in history have already lost €897 million. The question is are these lunatics, who chase higher interest, prepared to take a haircut…me thinks that they will have no choice, or lose the lot. These idiot investors maybe one day will wake up that higher interest means higher risk….


Well there are interesting developments …Yukos.

Yes a nice name and a nice court case in The Hague, this courts decision (even though not accepted by Russia) has meant that both Brussels and France are starting to seize Russian assets.

Now you can slap anything on the Russian people and get away with it, but mess with Oligarch and State assets, then watch out. Putin and Putin’s friends are in the firing line and they ain’t happy.


Mind you why would Putin and his friends be happy?

This, when Israel can steal assets from Iran (€1.1 billion) and completely ignore the court ruling to hand the assets back with no action by any country…complete immunity … (Israel stole the assets and all future operating profits of the Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline in 1979 from Iran, after Iran’s revolution).

Just so happens at the centre of the Yukos scandal is a Jewish banker … hmmm say no more.


Geez, same old same old as well.

Ukraine military and neo nazi’s causing havoc in Donbass again, trying to malign the Minsk Accord.

USArse wants NATO to get involved, this is after US ‘advisors’ despatched to Ukraine and US supplying ‘non lethal’ arms and trainers… Now if this sounds very similar to Vietnam, it is.

About time the US shut the fuck up and pissed off…but then again that would be telling Obuma his white……. As for the Prime Minister Arse (something or rather) he should just concentrate on domestic issues, which there are a lot, instead of scaremongering seeking arms to escalate the conflict…

Did I tell you Arse was a neo nazi? Oh yes in ‘What are they smoking’…. An Arsewipe….

US of Arse

Still sticking their beaks into anyone’s business.

Have been saving these charts for a rainy day, but interesting statistics…


Borrowed from Bill Bonner, Rogue Economist. He only inserted the US statistics to this chart to demonstrate how big a war monger Russia, China and Iran are!


This chart from the World Economic Forum 2014….in every economic depression something always takes people’s attention away from the economy. An indicator of what will happen in the not too distant future…not you or me to make these decisions, but our fucking leaders…incompetent self interested, self serving twats who are only concerned about the next election…God help the world, as no one else will!


No change, plodding along but it was interesting to read the 2014 IMF report into the country’s finances.

Third party risk at extreme points back then….still watching and waiting, have till September 2015.



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