What have we become?

Commonwealth Countries becoming a East German Stasi State?

After the introduction of the metadata collection legislation in Australia, Britain, Canada, France and New Zealand, plus the proposed future legislation one wonders what has become of us, allowing this to happen that is, I hope that you can sleep well tonight.

Everybody has an opinion, like an arsehole…. Sometimes people think that I spew verbal diarrhea and should just STFU….

Each to their own, but I will leave you to ponder a quote from Snowden, yes some think a traitor, yet I do not see it quite that way, he took a huge risk in exposing the US Government’s corrupt practices, against their own constitution.


Oh, and whistleblowers, those that blow the lid on the corrupt practices of Government and Companies, get shit in return for honesty….our values have reached the gutter haven’t they?

“Whistleblowers who risk their careers to uncover wrongdoing within public services are being victimised by managers who nearly always escape sanction, a public accounts committee report will say on Friday.”

Stewart began with a case in Europe where a man blew the whistle on financial institution HSBC and found himself embroiled in lawsuits, and imprisoned for five months. On the other hand, in the U.S. financial whistleblowers are treated much better. Government related whistleblowing, however seems to have far more dire consequences.

What have we become?
Why do we allow this to happen?
Do not want to upset your apathetic limitless bastion of inner harmony?

There is no difference to what we are allowing to happen now, to our rights, than what Hitler, Lenin and Stalin (and others) imposed on people, for the benefit of the State.

Shortly we will have Government acting like, the totalitarian governments espoused by George Orwell….. who would have thought that possible in 1984?


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