Another rant at the dregs of society…no not economists this time…

Just getting my knickers in a twist

Then realized that it hurt, just thinking about the shit that I started to write down my thoughts. The article took all day and several pages of well researched notes.

But fuck it, it was all too hard tonight so I just deleted the post….happens.

Instead keep it simple for stupids sake..(me not you, although you can take that angle if you wish).

All the friggin taxes that you pay to allow politicians to spend, then a lot more that is borrowed, is in the main wasted. It is spent on political whims and not necessarily in any Country’s interest.

Where does all the bloody money go?

You have no idea….it just goes .. I can guarantee you that the politicians don’t know either…as long as they have their bigger budget…their expensive legacy.

This was sparked this morning about the costs for searching for MH370….the news article stated that “Australia was cutting a whole wheat field using a lawn mower”.. A friend emailed me to say that the politicians would by fully aware of the Dutch company’s inadequacy in this area, but proceeded anyway.

Okay, idiots they are, emotional strings are being pulled here so families need closure. One company dragging that lawnmower at your expense.

Then we have our spy agencies, like what do they do anyway?

Watch porn?

Spying on neighboring countries is kosher these days. At what cost?

Then, when that country finds out about it, then what bloody cost?

Now we are to collect metadata including porn… on that issue who authorized the countries political leaders to introduce the draconian legislation?

No budget, but it will be an astronomical costs

America … yes but no one will tell you that, nor the bloody cost to run this brilliant program. Anyone even think of asking the cost, before the legislation was introduced?

Ummmm NBN … another classic, just grab a couple of billion for arguments sake.

Defense spending on those American aircraft?

Not delivered and costs soar astronomically, no wonder debt required. Will not go into why fighters are sent to other countries for a conflict that has nothing to do with us…oh sorry America asked?

At what cost?

Foreign aid … okay will not go there, as some people now trying to pay a few rupiah back over a zillion years .. you do not know total amount, nor who it goes to for what.

Climate change, black hole, as with Keating’s Mabo legislation, on that latter score a lawyer politician and solely for the lawyers benefit and what was the total cost?

And no not being racist, it was a black hole and the vortex continues and you do not know the bloody total cost, as it is still ongoing….

I could go on and on (which I did … but deleted). The point that I am making is that astronomical monies are being spent on shit that has technically no relevance in governing the country. Oh yes politicians will come up with an excuse, the expensive propaganda machine will go into full swing and you…you will be paying more taxes.

Open your eyes, wake up to the fact that you are serfs, you are funding politicians rampant spending on ideals, their legacy which are irrelevant for governing the country….

And yes you are all apathetic PISS heads, brainwashed and conditioned that you can’t smell the stink emanating from the capital. . either fucking party…makes no fucking difference!


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