Brainwashed or just plain brain dead?

Western Press spin propaganda … You are all mind washed and enjoy it..

In fact I will go as far to say as the majority of you do not give a flying fuck, as to what the reality is. You are so entwined in your own little world, a cocoon of safety, that you readily believe the shit on television or in the newspapers. You are all oblivious to the real world through your own self interests in life, your moral decay of what is truth, what is right and proper.

News is served up on a platter and you readily acknowledge the events, as a given, that the diatribe spewed forth is so correct that you do not question anything. Then again it may just calm your inner sense knowing some poor bastards are worse off then yourself and know full well it will never happen in your Country. The latter is most probably correct for Western Countries leaders who suck up to the powerful elite, but the wash up is that their is usually a sting in the tail….for some poor bastards in some far away lands.

I read this news story at ABC Australia, yes dear Aunty ABC “US leads criticism of Russia’s new law targeting ‘undesirable’ On Government Organizations (NGO’s)” a one sided diatribe by Western Media. Original story from Agency French Press but given air on all Western Media.

Time for everyone to open their eyes on this matter.

Putin is no fool, far from it, as he has complete control of sensitive information, a multi billionaire and rules Russia on an envied kleptocracy. A kleptocracy being a government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed.

The United States and Britain have led criticism of Russia’s new law targeting “undesirable” NGO’s, which activists fear will stifle critical voices at international rights groups working in the country.

This is atypical of T.W.A.T.S.

From my point of view, it is pretty obvious why NGO’s are being banned, as these enterprises are set up by Governments, or Oligarphs, with tax payer funded government donations, to undermine elected rulers of various Governments around the world.

Harsh claim?

No …. a claim backed up through interference by NGO’s in Cuba, Latin America, Syria Ukraine, Kosovo, Macedonia, Syria to name a few. These NGO’s have the money and use it for counter revolutionary tactics seeking to destabilize Governments.

The Proof is in history, pity that it usually takes 50 years for the secret Government papers to become declassified and by that time it is too late to feign righteous condemnation.

I will look at the two comments in Aunty ABC’s article.

The first from a veteran rights activist Lyudmila Alexeyeva said the newest law particularly threatens rights groups like Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International, which have a sizeable Russian presence and regularly issue damning statements.

Whoa… Human Rights Watch, funded by none other than the chief carpetbagger George Soros.

Human Rights Watch is always presenting propagandistic allegations as fact, thereby fuelling international tension that could well end up in international conflict… This organization has been funded by George Soros, since 2010.

Soros who admitted his responsibility in February 2014 Ukrainian coup and who openly called for war with Russia in the New York ‘Review of Books’ and demanded that the EU funds Ukraine in their war effort. George Soros also told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that he is responsible for establishing a foundation in Ukraine that ultimately contributed to the overthrow of the country’s elected leader and the installation of a junta handpicked by the State Department.

Not only Ukraine, his involvement in many countries is a web of corruption and greed and it is his mouthpiece.

The news ABS, AFP news article goes on to say that…”The new law will directly affect the ability of international organizations to work, promote and protect human rights in Russia and is clearly aimed at undermining the work of Russian civil society,” Mr Lidington said in a statement urging the Kremlin “not to interfere in the valuable work of NGOs”.

Amazing, simple fact about NGO’s overlooked by Mr Liddington.

Pando Daily has confirmed that the American government – in the form of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), an NGO – played a major role in funding opposition groups prior to the revolution in Ukraine. Moreover, a large percentage of the rest of the funding to those same groups came from a US billionaire who has previously worked closely with US government agencies to further his own business interests. This was by no means a US-backed “coup,” but clear evidence shows that US investment was a force multiplier for many of the groups involved in overthrowing Yanukovych.

Pando go on to name the billionaire who co-invested with the US government (or as Wheeler put it: the “dark deep force” acting on behalf of “Pax Americana”). Stepping out of the shadows to join Soros is Pierre Omidyar.

So that is just another idiot Oligarph trying to make money out of other people’s misery.

Now for US Government involvement a blogger Voltaire covers a ‘Gene Sharp’ and his two NGO «babies,» OTPOR and the Center for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), vanguard organizations for organizing «rent-a-riot» anti-government protests around the globe..

The simple fact of the matter as Paul Craig Roberts states is that the protests in the western Ukraine are organized by the CIA, the US State Department, and by Washington- and EU-financed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work in conjunction with the CIA and State Department. The purpose of the protests is to overturn the decision by the independent government of Ukraine not to join the EU.

A detailed expose of NGO’s is on this website, am waiting for Part 2, but please open your eyes and take the time to read.

If you have Christian values one should know ‘not to covert thy neighbors goods’ and not allow these insidious people who hide behind the NGO’s to profit from others misery.

More easing on the hypocrisy of Human Rights Watch.


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