The T.W.A.T. Club… exclusive membership for arseholes.

United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and France the road to serfdom.

UK Prime Minister Cameron is a twat, as is Theresa May, throw in Abbott, Harper, Keys and Hollande…

I have highlighted Cameron’s need for love of big brother here..

Australia on the affront to democracy here

Now one would think that the ‘royal twat’ Cameron would stop at the ‘love me, love big brother theme, but no … his party has the majority in parliament, so he has the idea of extending his powers to threaten free speech.

One would think that suppression of our rights would come from radical Muslims, instead we have it coming from the idiots in power; in the Western governments; claiming to fight these radicals for ‘our rights’… WTF?

What is it that make leaders cow tail to the likes of McCarthy, Cheney and neo-conservates in America?

All of the these countries the U.K., Australia, France, New Zealand and Canada are deadest on joining the insanity race to joining the U.S.Arse.

(*) Why? Simple reason is that the US needs these Counties to do the spying and collection of the metadata for them, the NSA has been curtailed by Rand Paul, the sunset clause on the Patriot Act has come into effect, so the Americand technically cannot spy on themselves, no reason however that all the other countries listed above now have the legislation and ability to do it for them.

I cannot for the life of me understand that people are allowing this to happen, seems that our fearless leaders have an insatiable desire to curb our freedoms in the name of protecting their positions. This is the East German Stasi being reinvented and will lead to people being prosecuting people for Facebook postings, Skype dialogue and other internet commentary critical of Western militarism or selling “radical” ideas, twitter and radical blogs (oops … is my blog radical?).

Imagine being imprisoned “radical” tweets, banning websites containing ideas the Governments dislike. By seeking new powers of surveillance and detention for those people who hold and espouse views deemed by these governments to be “radical.”

This is not limited to anyone, any bloody religion or race… It is open slather on our rights of free speech….

University of Bath Professor Bill Durodié (in the UK) said that “the window for free speech has now been firmly shut just a few months after so many political leaders walked in supposed solidarity for murdered cartoonists in France.”

Me thinks he woke up too late, the NSA spying program and ‘five eyes association’ has long been a broad and sustained assault on core political liberties and due process. Free speech and free assembly are targeted a la’ Tea Party campaign in the US. There demonstrations were not perpetrated by “radical Muslims,” but by those who wanted change in Government policy.

Theresa May (UK) is a twat too…. she has persisted in attempting to “extend Ofcom’s powers to enable it to take pre-emptive action would move it from its current position as a post-transmission regulator into the role of censor.”

Therefore Britain will have the powers to approve programmes before they are broadcast and what the Government considers ‘appropriate’ as has been proposed in paragraph 111 of the strategy.

Once governments; and believe me the idiots in control around the world will see this as a benefit; becomes the arbiter of what speech is and isn’t legitimate, the door is inevitably thrown wide open to the suppression of all political dissent.

Fascism in Western Countries is on the cards, once introduced by one Government all of the idiots in power will proceed along McCarthy, Cheney, Stasi lines.

What ever happened to individual rights and free speech?

Why must every Western country cow tail to the idiots in Washington?

Afraid that there are too many P.I.S.S. ants out there that do not give a shit…pity the younger generation.

And F&ck all Western leaders and politicians for joining the twat club…


Edit. Inserted paragraph (*) on Patriot Act sunset clause. Obvious that Governments (particularly those involved in the 5 eyes project) would carry on the abuse of freedom as America’s ability now curtailed.


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