PISS heads…

“When you stare into the abyss the abyss stares back at you.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

I have accidentally hit my balls on a number of occasions, usually through my own stupidity, the pain one feels is intense.

To have your balls kicked by someone else, results in an inability to do much else, except breathe in the dirt around your face as you collapsed in excruciating pain. You don’t know how you got down so low, so quickly and gasp for breathe, as the pain shoots through your groin.

Point taken…. don’t grimace, it is not you..

Why bring this up?

To wake you up, maybe…. to get your attention….. undoubtedly.

The Australian Government has done something very sinister on the back of bullshit, which threatens to infringe on Australians basic democratic right to express opinions, and our individual right not to be considered guilty without cause.

You are all heading towards a Soviet/Stassi/McCarthyist style of being demonized, as enemies of the state, and punished accordingly through false imprisonment and blacklisting.

The government is are following America down the road to the abyss.


I keep having to mention George ‘friggin’ Orwell, like 1984 was fiction, pure fiction, but it actually appears to be a road map for Governments world wide.

Officially known as the National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (Noo. 1) 2014, these new laws are an affront to democracy.

They mark an unprecedented threat to the freedom and privacy of all Australians.

The high costs associated with these regulations will mean that internet service provider (ISP) will increase costs substantially and then the Government (god bless their sole) to rip it to the taxpayers, as they have to fund ASIO, to morph into a former massive NSA and / or East German Stasi style operation.

What the Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on metadata collection (my comments in italics).

1) “the terrorist threat has not changed”

Well why send our soldiers to their shores to fight their religious wars?

2) and is still “as high as it has ever been”

If we minded our own business, then I query whether we would have this problem. If we did not align ourselves to neo conservative USArse policies, then I doubt whether we would be in this situation.

3) but that there was a “heightened concern” because of the numbers of Australians travelling to fight in Syria and Iraq.

Fear mongering …I think that I read somewhere that there were 230 suspected terrorists, in a population of 23 million, which means that we are supposed to give up our liberty for 0.00001 per cent of the population that might be committing an offense!

George Brandis has flagged terrorism and “other crimes” and that is another problem, if you cannot grasp this logic, then you deserve everything that you get.

Oh, Malcolm Turnball, typical hypocrite, in that he stated correctly in 2012 ‘that it was cost prohibitive, intruded privacy and allowed agencies to draw conclusions about not simply the content of the messages’… Or words to that effect and now he supports the legislation.

All you need now to guarantee Utopia is the banishment of cash.

If you think I am kidding, then one needs to understand that the UK has already trialled a cashless society in Manchester and the Swedes are preparing legislation for a cashless society now.

Proposed by non other than the IMF and other dickheads who totally support a totalitarian economic regime.

You would think that people would wake up, but they don’t … in fact they display passive ignorance, apathy whilst the Government takes control.

You are a bunch of PISS heads..

Passive Ignorance Silent Strike….

Go read New Dawn, we need a revolution.



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