Puttin’ in the power

‘Rush In’ ….. someone called ‘Put In’

Seems history has a habit of having shortish men in control of big countries….


The Russian people have no choice at present. One must remember that in Russia the word Bolshevik means the majority. To my mind the people in Russia are fully aware of Putin, just that they see the US as the bigger evil and that spurred a nationalistic tendency.

If the US had stayed away from meddling in Georgia and Ukraine we may have the fuse for a Bolshevik revolution, needless to say if the US ceased and desisted activities now… the fuse would be lit.

Then again, when you get through reading about he who has it all, then read this..from ABC in the USArse.

Appears my thoughts on people’s Napoleonic syndrome may be wrong…


And yes I laughed at the way these short people go to great lengths to disguise their problem… where is Tom Cruise?


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