Obama, lies, lies and damned lies…

Can’t help myself….

Would be interested in ‘shirt fronting’ Obama on this matter.
He is the pimple on the USArse
Demonstrates that nothing that comes out of the White House is believable … Simple… Welcome to Wonderland

Special thanks to Mirror UK for having the guts to write this story, obviously not “politically correct.”

The Killing of Osama bin Laden
Seymour M. Hersh
US investigative journalist

Hersch accuses Obama of not only taking credit for the al Qaeda leader’s death, but fabricating the story that resulted from what has been widely reported to have been a Navy seal incursion into bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound in Pakistan. As a result the military and intelligence communities were forced to scramble and then corroborate the president’s version of events.


Want more?

Hersch states that the true motives behind the Syrian near-war of 2013 including the complete fabrication of events: the very professionally created YouTube clips showing the consequences of what was said to have been an Assad poison gas attack, were nothing but a fake (subsequent reports identified the propaganda source as Rami Abdul Rahman of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, whose entire operation has been funded by an unidentified European country.)


And more…

Here are 1,063 well sourced examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc.


Want more?
Amazing that one doesn’t question every word from his mouth…

• First President to Lie Repeatedly to the American People About the Murder of a U.S. Ambassador and Three Other Diplomatic Personnel for Purely Political Reasons, Rewriting a “Talking Points” Memo No Fewer Than a Dozen Times to Avoid Referencing a Pre-Planned Terror Attack (Source: ABC News)
• First President to Openly Defy a Congressional Order Not To Share Sensitive Nuclear Defense Secrets With the Russian Government (Sources: ABC News, Rep. Michael Turner)


God hail America..
A Republic it is .. A democracy it isn’t.

Congratulations to the septic tanks that believe his bullshit and elected him to office..


For the non believers, for those out there that want to believe Obama, that need to believe the USArse is correct and are hell bent on constipating on this post, then please, open your eyes. Look beyond mainstream media.


“One Sy Hersh hit piece follows dozens others. The authors of these piss poor laments have zero credentials compared to Hersh. But they are all invested in the White House fairy tales of the Bin Laden killing and even used it to market their books. They are mad that Hersh is taking them to the cleaners. Losers.

Hersh claims that the Pakistanis held Osama bin Laden as prisoner/guest on request of the Saudis. A Pakistani brigadier walked-in and told the CIA in exchange for money. The U.S. pressured the Pakistani generals to cooperate. The Seals flew in with the knowledge of the Pakistanis who held back their own troops. The Seals killed Bin Laden and White House fairy tales covered up the whole political mess.

The Hersh story makes sense. The News in Pakistan confirmed the walk-in part of the story. The Bin Laden house was known to be a ISI safe house with prison features. The longtime NYT correspondent to Pakistan finds the Hersh story quite plausible and fitting with her knowledge.”

Do I hate America?

Hate is an awful word…. Best to say that I despise what every nation has become through politicians and inherent greed and corruption.

Open your eyes, you have no freedom anymore, as there is no free press. The politicians and big business control everything and they only see you … as a necessary parasite on their society.

Welcome to serfdom.


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