A ripple will turn into a wave

One vote, one value?

Riots in London last night… Against David Cameron and the Tories, simple reasoning is that these people do not want more austerity, whilst the Bankers and too big to fail continue on their merry way, singing Rule Britannia.

Look at the generation involved, they are literally fed up with David Cameron’s ‘me me’ approach as the policies are all wrong. The taxpayer (and particularly this generation of taxpayer) has had enough.

If one looks at the votes cast in the election then these figures show how unrepresentative Parliament is when compared to the popular vote. Here’s just how different it would be:

– no, the Tory government would NOT have got a majority under proportional representation

– there would be 40 seats between Labour and the Tories, not 100

– Ukip would have 82 MPs not one

– the Greens would have 24 MPs, not one


All geared to a two party political system, amazed that Sinn Feinn had as many seats for the small total of overall votes.

David Cameron does not realize that this is the thin edge of the sword.
People are fed up and the civil unrest will continue, until the core issues are addressed.

It was interesting to note the Scottish vote, against Labor. Very dramatic and a large shift which will have Cameron using doublespeak to avoid two referendums

– Scotland Independence

– Euro Exit

Times are getting interesting indeed. It will be nice if the politicians listened to the generational voting public, but their concerns are with impracticality of austerity to support failed economic programs and bank bailouts.


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