Lest we forget…… May 9th

What do you really know about Russia?

A lot of people think that the Cold War was won by the western powers. That war was won through economics, had nothing to do with the west, nothing whatsoever to do with American military power. It was an economic collapse of communism (central control and fixed currency, plus cost of war).

The only Americans to be burnt by Russia through the end of this episode of communism, where the wealthy idiots that bet that the IMF would support Russia in 1998, only to lose their money by going all out because they ‘thought’ that it was a sure bet. I nearly slipped on my dick laughing at these wankers. (1)

This was the start of the US Government bailing out the too big too fail. The so called wealth of a nation in the US can only be counted then, by the idiots with money who pull the political strings.

Anyway that is another story of the fall of democracy within the US of A, the start of the decline of an empire. The not so capitalist regime. A republic yes, with no democracy.

The day to remember is May 9th. A very important day in history. No doubt if you are like me, never taught through history in the school system.

This post, like my ‘Last Post’ is to remember fallen Allies, about 27 million of them, not the political leaders but the ‘forgotten’ people who fought this war and died for their country. These were our Allies that Western Nations and Media do not acknowledge.

It is a shame but it is about time you all recognized Russia and the ‘soviet’ people for their efforts in stomping nazism in the balls in World War 2. Destroying the majority of the “brown brigade” and seizing the majority of Germany and Berlin.

Yes, lest we forget.

I despise Stalin, what he stood for and the number of innocent civilians he killed (and Lenin) because of paranoia. I also despise Western Leaders who have attempted to rewrite history, on what happened in the War to end all Wars, but it seems that both Hollywood and Western Media are quite happy to support the rhetoric spun by their elected and politically corrupted leaders.

First and foremost I must thank Tim for lending me the book on the factual history of World War 2, as I said to him when I finished reading this ‘torn two part book’ was that ‘I felt total disgust for the atrocities committed by all sides in this war, including Australians.’

To get the meaning of this, read the book and do as I did, and then hang your head in shame, that at the end of the day the ‘allies’ ethically and morally were no better than the people we were fighting. True Japanese and Germans did a lot more ‘atrocities’ than us so called ‘good guys’ during the war campaign; but we …. as the victors; us Allies committed the greater sin in conquest, in stooping to the degradation of the spoils of war, rape and pillage. Seems that an ‘eye for an eye’ mentally satisfied the aggrieved victors.

What amazes me about these atrocities is that it is a sin to talk about them, even via SBS. We have no shame Minister Turnbull, do we!

“A TV sports commentator in Australia, Scott McIntyre, was summarily fired on Sunday by his public broadcasting employer, Special Broadcasting Services (SBS), due to a series of tweets he posted about the violence committed historically by the Australian military. McIntyre published his tweets on “Anzac Day,” a national holiday — similar to Memorial Day in the U.S. — which the Australian government hails as “one of Australia’s most important national occasions. It marks the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand forces during the First World War.” (2)

And no doubt the majority of people think that the Allies consisted of the UK, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, plus the underground forces, the patriots within each seized country.

In reality the Nazi’s had a fortunate excursion at the beginning of the war, assisted by the French capitulation. In fact, as this first encounter demonstrated, the Germans technically could not mobilize their troops. They had to force march the troops to the front, the tanks and Luftwaffe having basically strolled (or flown) into France with minimum resistance, but with little troop support.

Thanks to the French Army the Germans secured troop carriers, deadly weapons and mobility to stage the next part of their operations.

Viva la France.

Politics and war, strange bedfellows.

All politicians could do was make matters worse and lie. All these so called leaders of Western Nations were so corrupt politically, all they could think about was the next election. Hence their total support for Stalin (who had no political bent, all his successors were dead) this allowed Stalin, who was actually caught between a rock and a hard place, a ‘get out of jail free card’.


The British would not submit to an early ground assault, with the American politicians not wanting to commit its nation to war (continually) and in Britain, well ….. history always shows that they entered their wars near the end of the battle, yes mute point but important. As an island wage war from afar with navy (and air force later) and mercenaries, then pounce when the enemy is weakened. In this war they had stationed troops in Europe before the German invasion of France, but too little and to no avail, as they were strategically outmaneuvered, resulting in Dunkirk.

So with UK and America not committed (ground assault) then the politicians needed someone to fight the Germans on the ground, commit their armed forces, commit their citizens, not those that may be lost and affect elections.

Russia had prior to the war signed a non aggression pact with Germany and Japan. Fair enough a big country and a huge border to strategically support, plus Stalin had killed all the officers in the military to the rank of Major…. Only one Major was actually left, he was involved in rounding up all of the ‘intelligencia’ and officers for a bullet… Go figure ….

When Poland was invaded, Russia supported, through what military remained, the German invasion. The primary reason was the ‘non aggression pact’, and an agreement that Stalin could secure a part of Poland.

Hitler did not care for treaties and he saw the opportunity due to his stunning success thereafter to attack Russia, whilst he also looked at Belgium and Holland. The German advance of Operation Barbarossa was across a wide front and Stalin did not even think that the Germans would attack and was in fact complacent whilst the Germans advanced.

So Germany advanced through Russia, using Russian civilians as a shield for their armed forces. Stalin woke up just in time and thereafter I consider him to be a very lucky man, to receive foreign politicians who were only too happy for him to wage the war, with Russian civilians…..

If not for the weather, if not for the inept German attitude to military dress and the supply line, then maybe so different an outcome.

Stalin was lucky, it is a pity about the citizens of this vast country though.

Now, at this point how stupid are politicians that they actually agreed to carve up the ‘spoils’ of war, before actually winning the war. Full marks to Stalin on this score, as his commitment enabled the Russians, thereafter the USSR to become a major league player.

The loser was China, yes the war between China and Japan started well before Hitlers advance on France. The politics of war enabled four important events to happened after the war, due to American (and French) and British stupidity,

* Greece civil war
* the formation of the USSR
* the rise of Mao and
* the subsequent Vietnam War
* okay a fifth one! a fucked up Middle East ….

Full marks to Stalin to agree to a treaty with the British, Americans (and to a lesser extent France) which enabled him to secure Countries, in exchange for sending the civilians to slaughter.

Yes you have it correct. If you thought Churchill was a ‘great’ man he was not, neither was Roosevelt.

They agreed to a carve up of real estate with Stalin, when the war was finally won.

They could not give a flying fuck about any of the countries that formed the USSR, in fact they did not give a flying fuck about the backbone of the Chinese armed forces (farmers) fighting the Japanese, without which the US would have never succeeding in winning the ground war in China. These Chinese forces were so devastated through the continual battles with the Japanese (and assisting American soldiers to gain a foothold in China, through Burma), that it allowed mop top Mao (who had a non aggression pact with Japan) to win the ensuing civil war in China and rise to power.

Long live America…..@&$&$&@$$%%###*+^% arrogant septic tanks… Yes have a bent on the politicians….

America profited greatly from this war, amongst other things was the Russian ‘lend, lease’ an agreement to supply deadly offensive and defensive plant and equipment; arms, tanks, transports and other deadly weapons; that assisted Russian forces in their offensive against Germany.

This was Stalin’s ‘get out of jail free’ card. This enabled the counter offensive, this enabled the tide of war to change and Stalin marshaled all available men and women to fight the Germans on all fronts….

This benefited both American and British interests. No ground force commitment, as Russia was doing the bulk of the ground fighting. In fact, real history shows that these powers were only interested in bombing the shit out of German civilians…massive bombing raids that hit military targets only 10 percent of the time. Officers in charge of these bombing raids getting self satisfaction out of the enormous loss of German civilians, complete cities obliterated.

Of the estimated 60-70 million deaths caused by World War 2, around half occurred on the Eastern Front. The struggle was especially hard on the Russians, who may have seen as many as 27 million troops and civilians killed—nearly 15 percent of their entire prewar population.

The Eastern Front was also responsible for the lion’s share of the German military deaths.

All told, eight out of every ten German troops killed in World War 2 perished while fighting the Soviets.

Now put that into context if you will, 80 percent of the German troops died at the Eastern Front. If you cannot grasp the significance of this then you are a moron.

Russians entered Germany and Berlin before the allies, causing Hitler to commit suicide.

This mere fact appears to never be mentioned by Hollywood or the Western Media.

Mikhail Gorbachev has said that western government officials who refused to attend the Victory Day celebrations in Moscow on May 9th, were showing disrespect to nations that had defeated Nazism and to all the people who perished in this fight.(Each to their own on this).

“Ignoring the opportunity to demonstrate one’s attitude towards the war against Nazism is also disrespectful to the boundless courage shown by all people who fought against the “brown plague,” the former Soviet president said in an interview with Interfax (07/05/15).

“I am convinced that without Russia it would be impossible to achieve victory,” Gorbachev said. He added that if it was not for the Soviet Army, Nazism could have spread to unimaginable boundaries, and maybe even have kept spreading to this day.

Therein is the simple truth of the matter, had Hitler defeated Russia, then the book ‘Fatherland’ by Robert Harris would be a distinct possibility, as the politicians would have just fucked everything up.

Now, excellent viewing



Yes two separate avenues to learn about the Russian battles. Leningrad 900 day siege is a special treat, one that will open your eyes.

Plenty of sites that have Russian History throughout Google Search. Amazed that I found this…


And our learned friend Minister Turnbull. Wonder whose feathers McIntyre ruffled.


PostScript …

The history of the people of Russia is a tragedy.
Three succeeding generations decimated through politics or wars since 1917.
It leaves one with a bad taste in ones mouth to comprehend the sheer magnitude of this degradation of the population. This degradation led to stern undercurrent of nationalism led by paranoid leaders who destroyed the intelligent and faith of the people, but through propaganda, harnessed this nationalism of the people in every war fought. These people who then blindly fought for their pride, their country against the aggressors.

Look at what the Western Leaders are doing to Russia today, do you honestly think that they have any chance of destroying this country from within?

No fan of Putin, but he certainly knows how to play his cards right and the illegal sanctions imposed by the US and supported by all Western Countries is a clear example of Russian national pride rallying to the leader.

Ever visited Russia?
Understand the demographics of Russia?
On the other hand have you ever met a Russian?

This is my opinion by the way. Do not try to understand them, accept them for what they are and what they have been through. Believe me, that since perestroika things have only gone from bad to worse for them, three times bank accounts emptied, struggling to survive on bare necessities and avoiding starvation. They really do appreciate the finer things in life, that we take for granted.

Yes you try waking up one day and finding out that there is no money in the bank to buy food. In 1986, 1994 and 1998… All savings gone… live off your wits …

The men do drink a lot and display an arrogance that disappoints our ‘western’ upbringings. This is more due to the fact that the male gene pool, since 1917 has been thinned through each generation, yes certainly corrupted the intelligence. Life expectancy for males therefore is low, as alcohol consumption and divorce rate is high. They are the survivors and believe in themselves to be superior.

The women, well the gene pool was not raided, but ‘raped’ throughout the wars. The women have a special significance, for it is their gene pool that has maintained the intelligence quota. Only problem with this is that too few good men available and the early divorce rate and need to support the children mean doing without. Working hard and ensuring the children get a good education and a job, instilling pride and nationalism, but at the same time instilling the need covertly to be wary of the leaders. Mistrust in those that govern from what lessons passed through history.

If one reads ‘The Heart of a Dog’ a short story by Mikhail Bulgakov (written in 1926 and downloadable to adobe free), then apply that to Russia today, nothing has really changed. Regretfully Citizen Sharikov and Comrade Shvonder are the main element.

Nothing has changed including pissing in the doorway of your own flats because it is convenient. The women are resigned to the fact that the gene pool will take another generation to fully repair, they are truly martyrs, but for heaven sake do not even think of telling them this….


And yes, RaboBank is a great source of data.

1. https://economics.rabobank.com/publications/2013/september/the-russian-crisis-1998/


One thought on “Lest we forget…… May 9th

  1. People have advised that they do not ‘celebrate’ war, for one reason or another.
    I am more interested in putting my view on history and the Soviets contribution.
    Nazism and Hitlers ascendency was through Germany’s financial woes caused by the victors of the First World War. The country thereafter was also threatened by a threat of communism and then hyperinflation. This period of social upheaval allowed the rise of Nazism.

    Today the world is on the edge of a financial abyss.
    It should be borne in mind that politicians will choose War, rather than seek a solution to their countries economic woes.

    It is the easy solution, as everything else will fail.
    Not weird shit, part of history.

    How close did the USA come to invading Syria and sticking a rod up a bears arse in the process?
    Also look at Iran, whereby the USA threatened the Ayatollah with a few bombs, if they did not toe the line on the nuclear matter. This would have provoked the bear as well.
    Ukraine… Well I have written too much about this, the Ukrainians are stupid enough to lie outright with the support of the US.
    China and the disputed islands, warnings to Philippines and Japan to stay away, whilst they build military bases.


    Okay classify me now,,,,,,,,,

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