Limpdicks…..yes a gene flaw and inbuilt in septic tanks

Regret to inform you that there is a gene flaw, within septic tanks, that disrupts common sense and allows the all to familiar personal trait of self righteousness, arrogance and ignorance to dictate their daily lives.

It is inbred over the last couple of centuries. In fact to even entertain the notion that anyone living outside of the US, has any concept of how brilliantly self serving these arseholes are is deluded, underestimating this gene could prove fatal.

Under the treaty that entered into force in 1970, nuclear powers are banned from handing over the control of nuclear weapons to any recipient, whether directly or indirectly.

“The exact number of US tactical nuclear weapons deployed in Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands is unknown, but the Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation research group estimates that around 500 warheads are deployed in those countries.

“We are rather puzzled as to why all of a sudden this issue has emerged,” Gottemoeller said.

Gottemoeller added the Soviet Union never mentioned that US deployment of nuclear weapons constituted a violation of the NPT, nor has Russia up until today.”

Ummm… A mute point but how many nuclear weapons are located in other ‘allied’ countries?

Then again how the fuk would anyone know…

Read more:

(Note: if you are an American and offended by my statements, then feel free to make a post.
I believe in free speech, alternatively email me at
But and this is the butt …. answer all of these questions correctly and I will reply with a regret.

a) Who one the Cold War?
b) In WW2 who fought the Germans from after the Poland invasion, through to the end of the war and how many lives were lost?
c) Did you contact your Congressman on any new legislation and oppose the Bill, in particular FATCA? If you answered Yes, then No list the Bills?
d) Has CIA sold drugs for profit?
e) Did the Obama administration smuggle weapons to Mexico?
f) Did the CIA and FBI assassinate a large number of South and Central American leaders?

In reality simple questions. Regret apathy is part of the chlorinated gene pool.)


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