Covering their Arse…

And people and politicians and media from the west BELIEVE this shit.

There is little that I can do, my only weapon is a this iPad.
Written to ‘media watch’ and others in Australia and other countries about this situation and they turn a blind eye.

Wish that they would all trip on their own dicks, women on their p!ss flaps and smash their self pious faces into the mirror.

“We have no information available about any kind of radical far-right parties, organizations or groups,” the head of the Central Investigation Department of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), Vasily Vovk, told Ukraine’s ICTV.

Vovk stated that “I think that in our time, when there is practically a war going on, Ukrainophobes, if they don’t shut their mouths, should at least stop their rhetoric. I think that in the present situation, there shouldn’t be anyone stepping out directly against Ukraine and Ukrainianness.”

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Am ashamed of what we all have become. My fear is that when shit does hit the fan, through our own politicians stupidity and allegiance to the USArse, joe public will still support the smirking jackasses ….

Israel is to blame too, their actions are hypocrisy at its finest.


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