Swedish Shit…

Personal experience.

October 2014

At a beachside cafe, present were a Swedish couple, my wife [who is Russian SPB] and our two girls and the staff.

Yes we communicate in English, Russian and the local language. Great mixture depending in whose talking to whom. Depends on whose most excited at any given time.

Arrived early morning and just to enjoy the whole day at the beach.

Had built a sand ‘castle’ of a submarine, with conning tower, breaking the surface of the water… Children were happy, I was impressed, as was my wife.

The Swedish lady (who apparently holidays here regularly) asked why I built a sand castle representing a submarine?

My reply….. “A Russian submarine and the Swedes can now find it ….”

Yes it was all over the media.

This lady was ‘deadly serious’ and shocked that I could treat the matter with such disdain and frivolity.

She berated me and so I shrugged my shoulders and said ‘each to their own’.

She and her husband abruptly left ….

I wonder whether she was aware of this….


Quite frankly, I do not know how the Swedish people feel about Russia.

What pisses me off though, is the blatant lies in the media, obviously designed to stir shit.

FFS Swedish people, get a f&cking life. Russia from what I understand ain’t f’ing interested in your world!


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