Carpet Baggers – Economic Hit Men

Carpet Baggers / Economic Hit Men

What is relatively new in world history is the way in which the “economic hit man” modus operandi has been able to elevate itself to a global level and wrap itself inside the American flag — and all the idealism that America once symbolized.

America’s misguided “modern liberal” ideology, which ignores innate Financiers and the Economic criminal traits of these “Carpet Baggers” has enabled high level malefactors to not only hijack America, as a super power riding horse, but also to systematically attack Nordic and European peoples in their native countries, using financial weapons.

Whilst a lot can be written on these people, as their number is dictated by the number of Billionaires who have the capacity to dictate to Presidents and politicians, I have concentrated on one called George Soros.

In essence, the economic hit men imported into Iceland, courtesy of corrupt policies of the City of London and USA have devastated Iceland and this Country will never be Iceland again. Yes …. let’s see Soros high on the persuasive list to initially corrupt the Government and Bankers.

Sorry state of affairs.

Same applies to Kosovo and corrupt policies of the USA (Clinton / Albright and Soros).

Ukraine with corrupt policies of the USA (Obama / Clinton H and Soros).

When will the supposed free world wake up?

I fear never. Money talks and bullshit walks.

Politicians and the Judiciary are all corrupted by these so called ‘financial experts’.

Everyone turns a blind eye to their corrupt malfeasance.

I have extracted the initial two paragraphs and amended same from comments by John Perkins, Ron Paul has an interesting expose on Kosovo and with Ukraine (and Maiden) this has Mr Soros’ stench deeply ingrained in every aspect.


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