Closing my eyes, minding my own business

Realised that not so good doing this.
Allow others to continue on common sense matters…. There are a few good men amongst the millions of idiots.

Politics, editorial restrictions.

Learning it ain’t going to change, people are all tied up in their own perception of themselves….

And no not that bored…..

I do post comments and nothing printed… Awaiting moderation.
Hehe, first time…last time….
Will just continue to read and put down personal opinions from time to time, hey, I am the only one reading this shit anyway….
Each to their own.
To me when I read this in 20 years time and all the shit hits the fan…

In the meantime I take the view that I am me, me and I have a good understanding of world affairs, through reading good websites. Tend sometimes to shoot off the hip…. Tolerate this, as regards the stations of interest, Oligarphs and leaders.

All are sinister, in retrospect they were lucky that they abused powers and got away with it. They on the other hand feel as though their shit does not stink and they can do no wrong. Money to them fixes any crisis. No morality or ethics involved, only the perception.

Politicians are all dumb as one another, (you have to be to “think” that you are that important to the masses, when in fact you learn to lie to live) they live in dreamland believing in themselves. Result is over-achievers underachieving in what they do best.

Certain new politicians are afraid of upsetting the status quo, like erratic Marxists, they believe in something but…. history proves they are wrong and they are unwilling to accept history.

Note that the majority of treasurers around the world are erratic Marxists, taxes both direct and indirect are a clear example of this. Very erratic socialists incorporating Marx ideas.

Amazed how societies change over time… Comes about through evolution of the masses… Start with pure capitalism, mix in Marxism due to the realization that things have to change for the poor and then call themselves socialists. Communism (Marxism) cannot be implement and doomed to fail, then a psuedo authoritarian rule with dependency on Oligarphs ….

This is all a ramble. A lot more intelligent people then I out there. I have my own problems in how does one survive when technically unemployable, without living off the State?

First don’t live in an expensive State….
Second budget on available capital to last as long as you can
Third attempt to earn income, for the family food, education and essentials
That one hard …. So have to find minimum level of income before tax to live off…
Hence watch everything and understand as much as possible, shares, currencies, commodities….

Aug 11, 2015 Gold bottoms.. No money to short and wait..
Sept 2015 Bonds Blow.. No money to short bonds and buy USD


Long USD/Short AUD,GBP (Dec contract) yippee cheap…
Short Oil options @ $40, told Rod $35… Cheap

But first

Get the hell out of Dodge…. Make sure you reside elsewhere and be happy.

Life is too short…


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