Politicians Posturing

Honeymoon is over for Yanis.

The German video was meant to cause a stir.

I found it disturbing that the reporters did not ask the producer directly. Some papers printing that it did not look doctored. Media is not impartial, nor unbiased. See below.

Money rules. Not kidding on this issue. There are profits to be made or an attempt to limit losses.

If the media printed the truth the outcome of a lot of events would not suit those with the money.

I find it liberating to read facts, one must go hunting … But Ron Paul does a fantastic job, same to Mike Shedlock, most others are sensational or paranoid allowing personal opinions to interfere with facts.

Even Auntie is left wing and becoming more radical, even allowing a tear jerk piece of propaganda on the neo nazi’s in Ukraine. Missed all the juicy bits that neo nazi’s are neo nazis … Anyway Auntie allowed this with no ability to comment. Reuters is not dinky di either, reporting incorrectly on North Korea going to war last year and the ridiculous claim recently about MH17….. off topic… Actually on that whole situation will 19 world leaders apologise to Putin if it turns out it was not a Buk missile? Not one piece of evidence on day 1 and none presented since then. Love false flags,,,,,,,,Then you have The Guardian, RT, Derspeigel, etal. Read between the lines. They are all crooked… rumor mungers designed to benefit money /power.

Money makes this world go round and Yanis and his Government are stopping money in Greece.

One surmises that the personal attacks will increase in order to destabilize the Government.

ummm… Whilst I am on this Government, how many shades of grey do we have to cover on German War Repatriations? Not really a silly question in light of the financial history, support getting into the Euro and debt write-off. Quite frankly England has more to pay up and answer for than Germany …. Politics and money…. Mamma Mia … Asta ga…


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